Introducing our “Famous 5 Questions!”

Introducing our “Famous 5 Questions!”

Everyone has their expectations of where they want to be.  Your journey is guided by your instincts to follow your map that is presented to you at the right moment in time.  Everyone’s journey is different and no one is better than the other.  After many years of performing, we have encountered numerous stories of friends and colleagues of their journey’s on how they arrived at the current destination of their careers.  Whether they are a performer, choreographer, director, agent, manager or all the above.

We’ve created a fun way to get to know some inspirational and motivational people who never gave up their quest for success.  Success can be defined in many different ways.  Through this blog you will get some insight from our friends and colleagues of their personal adventures.  We created our “Famous 5 questions” to show you that everyone started with their own map. Through their journey of self discovery, persistence and at times dumb luck, shows that sometimes when you let go of what you think the outcome would be, is when the most magical things happen.

The 5 questions are:

1- After years of being a performer what are you still learning and taking away from auditions

2- What is something you would go back and tell your younger self about this business?

3- Name any memorable moments (could be funny, embarrassing etc.) that maybe landed you the job or helped you learn and grow as a performer?

4- what is your biggest Pet Peeve at an Audition or what is the most common mistake that you see at Auditions.

5- What is the number 1 tip you can give to anyone auditioning?

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“Audition Method has helped map out my career when I was just starting and gave me the tools I needed to have confidence to follow my career goals!”

-Jennifer Morrelli

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