Famous 5 ?’s Starring – Renée Marino

Renee Marino

Famous 5 ?’s Starring – Renée Marino

It’s that time again! Our “Famous 5 ?’s”! I know it has been a while but it was worth the wait! Hot off Pretty Woman on Broadway, and her solo cabaret show at The Greenroom 42 with rave reviews on Broadwayworld.com is Renée Marino!! Renee and I had met many years ago in class at Broadway Dance Center and had the privilege to see how she has grown as an artist! And not only is she on broadway and in the movies, she created her online fitness program called “Pretty Strong Women”.
She not only has experience on stage and on the screen but as dance captain also “behind the desk”. She has beautiful insight and words of wisdom to share!
See below the “Famous 5’s” for her full bio and links!

Famous 5 Questions


1- After years of being a performer what are you still learning and taking away from auditions?

After years of being a performer, I am still learning that it is a business. It is so easy to take things personally, but there is SO much that has nothing to do with you. All that I can control is how prepared I am and most importantly, how authentically myself I am when I’m in that room!

2- What is something you would go back and tell your younger self about this business?

Something I would go back and tell my younger self is to be easier on myself. I was always a perfectionist, and even though there are positive qualities that come along with that like a powerful work ethic, the stress and emotional turmoil takes away from the fun of doing what you love!

3- Name any memorable moments (could be funny, embarrassing etc.) that maybe landed you the job or helped you learn and grow as a performer?

One of my most memorable moments was auditioning for the “Jersey Boys” film. They put out a breakdown for the role of
Mary Delgado and I was playing that same role on Broadway at the time. For some reason, I couldn’t get an appointment for the role, but got an appointment for one of the Angels who sing “My Boyfriends Back”. Well, when I was in the casting room I told the casting director that I was hoping to read for the role of Mary Delgado and he said, “absolutely, I was thinking the same thing”. I knew I needed to follow my gut in that moment so I did. A few weeks later I got the call that I booked the role in the movie! Later when I was filming, I was told that the director, Clint Eastwood, requested me to come in to audition for that role but somehow there was just some miscommunication with casting. I’m very proud of that moment in the audition room because I followed my intuition and took my career into my own hands!

4- What is your biggest Pet Peeve at an Audition or what is the most common mistake that you see at Auditions.

The most common mistake I see at auditions is performers trying to be someone that they “think” is what the people behind the table want. Nothing is better than witnessing someone be their truest self in and out of an audition room. The truth is, the ones casting a project want to see who YOU are, not some imitation of someone else. My most recent show was “Pretty Woman” the musical on Broadway and I was the Dance Captain of the show besides being in the ensemble. This meant that I was fortunate enough to run and sit in on some auditions. Trust me, nothing is more refreshing than watching someone who is truly confident in who they are, even when mistakes happen. We are all imperfect humans, and making mistakes are part of our human existence. Therefore, don’t be afraid when they occur, embrace them! BE YOURSELF through and through!!!

5- What is the number 1 tip you can give to anyone auditioning?

The number one tip I would give anyone auditioning is exactly what I just explained. BE YOURSELF, and let go of the belief that you have to be “on” or “someone else” when you audition. Yes, we are actors stepping into roles, but you are still YOU stepping into the role, not the girl next to you. The best thing you can do for an audition is to prepare as much as you can and make a vow to yourself before you enter the room to enjoy yourself, even with the nerves and all. We all get into this business because we love performing so use every opportunity to enjoy doing that. The more fun you have the better off you will do!

Renée Marino Bio

Renée Marino can be seen as Mary Delgado in the film “Jersey Boys” directed by Clint Eastwood and was featured in People.com -“Ones to Watch”, Variety and in The Huffington Post which stated: “The Broadway star — who is basically Tina Fey’s celebrity doppelganger — is a scene-stealer, spouting swears and put-downs with aplomb. ‘Jersey Boys’ pops whenever she’s onscreen.” Most recently Renée was in the original Broadway cast of “Pretty Woman” where she was also the Dance Captain and Assistant to the Choreographer. Her other Broadway credits include Rosalia in “West Side Story”, Mary Delgado in “Jersey Boys”, “Chaplin” and “Wonderland”. 
Renée began her professional career as the lead singer of the casino show called “Heatwave” and toured the country and beyond on the 25th Anniversary Tour of “Cats” and the National Tours of “Disney’s High School Musical” and “Jersey Boys”. While living in Los Angeles, Renée guest starred on Fox’s comedy, “Weird Loners” as Regina, and utilized her theatre chops playing Lola in “Damn Yankees”, Carmen Miranda in the world premiere of “I Only Have Eyes for You” directed by Kay Cole, and Roberta in John Patrick Shanley’s play, “Danny and the Deep Blue Sea.” Renée is a proud graduate of Wagner College and was honored by her alma mater with the “Alumni Key” award in 2014. She is the creator of the workout series called, “Pretty Strong Women” which can be found on her Instagram page @reneemarinoofficial as well as Playbill.com.

Check out her website ReneeMarino.com

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  • gary cabana
    Posted at 14:20h, 23 October Reply

    Great tips Renee, hope I get to see U in DAMN YANKEES someday. I did see U in PRETTY WOMAN on Broadway and U were awesome!! And your cabaret show knocked me out! Keep sharing the positivity, I feel better from just reading this blog interview. 🙂

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