Have the tools before you walk in the audition door.

Audition Method is a guidance program that helps prepare new performing artists for the crazy and intimidating world of auditioning.  We bridge that gap from school to professionalism.

As professional performing artist’s we know the struggle and the hustle of in NYC, the constant rejection, the side hustles…all 100 of them! We are here to give you the help we so desperately wanted and needed at the beginning of our careers.

    • Dancers: Looking for jobs in a company, theme parks, theater,  cruise ships, Rockettes, agencies 
    • Singers:   for theaters, theme parks, cruise ships, agencies
    • Actors:  for commercials/TV/film, theaters

We help performing artists land their next job by sharing a clear and easy road map to navigate through the audition process.  The intensity is real!  The rejection is real!  We are here to help you through it by explaining every step of the way and have us to lean on.

We also help teachers/program directors that have trained students with the best techniques in their craft but now need the tools to guide them to the next level in their future professional careers.

Available Services

Audition Core Class

Learn the ins and outs of professional auditions. What to expect in the audition room, how to be prepared and be confident.

Online Course

You don’t live in NYC?! You want to learn our Core class from your couch? You can now with the purchase of our online course!

College Workshops

Let us teach your senior students the skills of audition preparation necessary to succeed after graduation!

Master Classes

We provide quality classes with top notch teachers in conjunction with our auditioning basics.

Private Groups

Customizable classes for your group and their needs. We are multilingual and can help international groups too!

Career Counseling

Having trouble deciding if this is the career is for you? Not sure where to focus your career? We can help!

Audition Method Team